Figures, trees, and birds, found in layers, take part in Linda McGinnis’ story-telling art. Looking through suspended layers, the viewer discovers images that seem to move; moiré patterns create “holographic” effects. The screens are sometimes embellished with copper wire, fabric, and feathers. Her distinctive work had itorigins in a Sedona, AZcustom home. The project objective was to explore artful ways to reduce glare coming from the windows. You’ll Discover, her first screen of this type, sold on opening night of Let's Go Outside, an exhibit with hiking companion, water colorist, Joy Wiltsee.


Linda’s personal journey as an artist began in her childhood. The ocean served as her first and ever-changing canvas. Born in Southern California, Linda grew up in Seal Beachwhere daily trips to the ocean inspired drawing in wet sand and creating sand sculptures. “My grandmother was an artist and tailor who designed special clothes for my dolls. She taught me to paint with oils when I was eight years old. Drawing and painting became my favorite pastimes; art, my favorite school subject. My mother gave me a rich background in textiles: selecting and handling fabric, designing patterns, and creating clothing. Maybe becoming so familiar with scissors gave me the confidence to talk my young sister into allowing me to cut her hair. The experience of directing the movement of hair hooked me.”


Once Linda’s two children were in school, she chose a hairdressing career, which led to writing, illustrating, and publishing, The Art of Hairdressing Success. She began designing books for others while attending Ventura College. Her favorite mentor was nationally renowned artist, teacher, and author, Joseph Mugnaini from whom she took classes at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Through their correspondence, Joseph continued to encourage her writing and painting. She went on to write a series of continuing education programs for cosmetology instructors.


Linda was an active member of the Ojai Art Center for ten years. She worked in pastel and acrylic, exhibiting her work in Ventura County and Orange County, California. While living in Ojai, she met her partner, Greg, an avid hiker. Greg introduced Linda to backpacking trips, where she developed a love for birds, which became a theme in her art. Lured by the Trinity Alp’s alpine lakes and meadowsin 1998 the couple left Ojai and the Sespe Wilderness. Linda went from book design to teaching art in Trinity County, California. Meeting Debra Wilson led to ten years of graphic design work for S’cool Moves, Inc. Linda created images and layouts for Debra's therapy-based minute routines and activities. Incorporating S'cool Move's exercises into her teaching, Linda devised her Journey Writing workshop, combining warm-ups, writing, and sketching. This became a favored class series among teachers and students.


Linda longed to get back to creating her own art. In 2011 she set up a studio in Palo Cedro, California. She called on her background in working in textiles to develop unique screensher signature technique. Today many of Linda's experiments center around creating art on insulating foam boards, which serve as window and door barriers for extremes in weather. When asked about her Journal Series, Linda responds, "I start with a paragraph highlighting a significant event from my life and build the painting around it. Each photographed painting becomes a page for my next book—my life's story."




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